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Software Use for Innovation in Enterprise

Software and Innovation in Enterprise

Innovation is a specific function of entrepreneurship, whether in an existing business, a public service institution, or a new venture started by a lone individual in the family kitchen.  It is a core part of maintaining a competitive edge and relevance in any field. Essentially, the ability to adapt to a change while aspiring for continual growth in a field. Programs of organizational innovation are typically tightly linked to organizational goals and objectives, to the business plan, and to market competitive positioning. Getting ahead in your industry to utilizing the creativity of your workforce, managing innovation is something to be critically aware of.

New generation Software

In essence, you might be surprised to learn that an entirely new generation of software is taking the world of enterprise coordination by storm. Software companies are now building for enterprise companies and continuously releasing software to production. Essentially, to ease workflows with limited reliance on human intervention, and where changes and processes can be verified and released with a high degree of confidence. Convenience is the new goal! Enterprises are now focusing on reaching and exceeding production levels, utilizing service automation and integrated technologies to achieve better overall communication and transparency.

Facilitating Innovation

Within large enterprises, workflows, industry and institutional knowledge, assets, customer relationships, intellectual property, and budgets are all documented. Multiple failed ventures (often blamed on the tools) are due to the false notion that the tools will take care of innovation on their own. Software tools ideally facilitate and encourage innovation.  For example, Inno360 is an innovation management software that specializes in creating disruptive innovation in an organization by searching for opportunities and ideas on the web. Furthermore, Spigit innovation management software help enterprises identify new products and markets, improve customer experience, streamline processes, and increase employee engagement.

Understanding Emerging Tech Trends

For large enterprises, bespoke software can help corporate leaders and their teams understand emerging tech trends, connect to the people and culture of innovation amongst world leaders such as Silicon Valley startup. Not to mention, uncover opportunities for partnerships with innovative startups. More specifically, fostering innovation by collaboration towards innovation-driven objectives.  For instance, Exago collaborative innovation management software allows you to bring together all the right people and their collective expertise to solve your key business challenges, within and beyond corporate walls.  While Ideawake is a comprehensive innovation management platform that allows enterprises to collect ideas from employees, customers or suppliers. Basically, enable those individuals to collaborate on and develop ideas, and give decision-makers more complex input through score-carding built into the platform.

Idea Management

In retrospect, idea Management or Innovation management allows enterprise to respond to external or internal opportunities, and leverage creativity to introduce new ideas, processes or products. The best example of idea management is seen in Banks nowadays and their adoption of technology to source for ideas. Software such as Planbox Innovate provides a collaborative innovation management solution that ensures enterprise innovation efforts are driven by corporate strategy.  It is pretty easy to implement and use, fits nicely into most operational realities, and quickly delivers superior results.

More Tools

While tools like Wellspring facilitate innovation management by assisting businesses with tech transfer, tech scouting, and research grant administration. Wellspring is designed for users to manage business databases, academic journals, and technology marketplaces whilst importing information from various sources. Additionally, tools like IdeaScale support innovation management while focusing on providing an effortless setup and experience for users. Accolade software is used to increase organizational agility , remove unnecessary friction from innovation management processes ,and standardize the innovation processes and governance.
Lastly, Brightidea manages everything in one place from engaging your employees to launching new crowdsourcing innovation programs to tracking performance and more.

Speed is Key

Senior enterprise leaders need to create a compelling vision of where the organization needs to go and provide resources for that direction. In addition to laying out a road map, and putting in place clear measures of success based on innovation. That said, being able to innovate quickly and cheaply is imperative. Especially in a fast-paced tech-driven world where testing digital products and services in the market, refining them and releasing them on a regular basis has become a competitive advantage. Chief Innovation Officers (CIOs) are now focused on the impact that innovation simplicity can have on the reduction in costs and headcount to manage corporate infrastructures.


In conclusion, integration with innovation management systems provides you with an end to end, fully plugged in flexibility while aspiring to innovate. Specifically, enterprises need to consciously involve the necessary stakeholders to operationalize technology and innovation, even in planning and deployment and supporting change management. More CEOs and enterprise executive partners are realizing innovation is a challenging journey that requires intentionality, detailed planning, research and completing use case focused pilots with multiple groups of end-users.  Idea management software will easen that journey by allowing enterprises to better manage ideas themselves with a goal to improve business efficiency and profitability!


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