Who we are

Founded in 2014, ShockDrift Technologies prides itself in being the first Humanitarian Software and Hardware Engineering company in Uganda, providing high quality, software and hardware solutions in different fields ranging from Health Care, Finance, Entertainment, Enterprise, Resources, Society and Utilities as well as customized solutions

ShockDrift Technologies Limited is gifted with an astounding motivated team of Engineering experts (Electrical, Electronics, Computer, and Software) who provide management leadership in the design, research, innovation, deployment, development and delivery of technology-enabled applications, products and services within the current trending state of the Art environments.

Our software services enable your Small Medium Enterprise, business, Company, institution or entity to develop and deploy real-time creative computing solutions (Software and Hardware) in form of tech support, software development, hardware maintenance to cope with the speed of an ever-changing world and use technology advancement to bring the best out of your product, service and reduce decision making time thus improving service value and delivery to customers or clients. Today’s daily business requirements demand that you keep ahead of the pack to stay competitive and adopt with the times to the advantage of your establishment using available technological resources. Our wide range of services, infrastructures and platforms allow our customers to work smart and maximize their productivity, response time, efficiency, quality and reduce costs.


 To be a technological leader spearheading change in the East African region.


To provide the best client-tailored computing solutions in real-time with respect to specified needs.


  • To recognize humanitarian problems within society and create efficient technological solutions.
  • To provide Quality assurance, tailor-made comprehensive products, and timely services
  • To inspire change and empower institutions and enterprises with computing advantages
  • To Offer technological solutions to growing problems in the region
  • To pride in research, innovation, experimentation and extensive product testing
  • To keep evolving with dynamic strategies, teamwork, and creative thought processes
  • To spearhead the development in the ICT Industry
Company model
  • Reflecting and identifying the roles of technology on society
  • Building scenarios, selecting options and actions
  • Teamwork
  • Certification and qualification
  • Check recheck and check again
  • Standard industry Practices
  • Test retest and establish a seal of safety
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